How to Go to Siargao from Manila by Ferry and Plane?

Traveling from Manila to Siargao

Manila is the famous capital city of the Philippines and has been a tourist hotspot for many years now. It's also typically the cheapest destination to fly into for international travelers. For these reasons among many others, Manila is a popular first stop for adventurers on their Philippine getaway.

This article will cover the best ways to get from the busy streets of Manila to the stunning tropical island of Siargao.

How to Go to Siargao from Manila by Plane

To fly through the clouds from Manila to Siargao, the starting point is Ninoy Aquino International Airport. More specifically, it's terminal 4 which is the domestic terminal of this massive airport. Whereas, the endpoint will have you touching down at Sayak Airport in Siargao which is located almost at the dead center of the island.

How Much Fare is Manila to Siargao?

A one-way ticket from Manila to Siargao will set you back between 50 USD and 200 USD. However, the exact price will depend on how far you book in advance and what time of year you're making the journey.

Is There a Direct Flight from Manila to Siargao?

Until recently, the answer was no and you had to have a dreaded and sometimes long stopover in Cebu. However, with the huge rise in popularity of Siargao as a tourist destination, you can now get direct flights from Manila to Siargao easily.

How to Go to Siargao from Manila by Land?

The Philippines archipelago is made up of a patchwork of thousands of islands. So, you won't be able to drive, ride, hitchhike, walk, or rollerblade directly to Siargao from Manila as they are on different islands. However, you can catch a bus for a large part of the trip and then switch to a ferry in Surigao but this option takes a decent amount of time.

How to Go to Siargao from Manila by Ferry?

While you can't swim the shark-infested waters to get to Siargao from Manila, you can catch a ferry out to this magical island. Doing so is a much longer journey than flying but you will get to take in some pretty spectacular views on your sea voyage. The first leg of the journey is a ferry ride from Manila to Cebu then from Cebu to Surigao and finally, from Surigao to Siargao.

How Many Hours from Manila to Siargao?

How long it takes you to arrive in Siargao from Manila depends on whether you go by air, sea, or land and sea.

Here's a breakdown of the specifics and travel times:

  • Siargao to Manila distance: 473 miles.
  • Direct Flight: 2h 15m
  • Non-direct Flight: Varies depending on the stopover time in Cebu.
  • Ferry: 33h 30m
  • Bus and Ferry: 47h 15m
How Much Does it Cost to Go to Siargao?

Once again the cost of your journey hinges on how you choose to get there and what time of year you plan on making the trip. Also, the further you book in advance, the better the price you're going to get.

Here's a breakdown of what it's going to cost you:

  • The price of a one-way, economy plane ticket ranges from 50 USD to 200 USD.
  • The total price for the 3-leg ferry journey is between 45 USD and 200 USD.
  • The cost to travel by bus and ferry will cost 35 USD to 50 USD.
The Cheapest way to Go to Siargao from Manila

By far the cheapest way to get from the hustle and bustle of Manila to the serene nature of Siargao is by bus and ferry. However, if you book far in advance or get lucky with a promo you might be able to get there almost as cheaply by flying or ferry.

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