Siargao House Property and Beach Lot For Sale

Siargao Island is one of those places where once you've seen and experienced its wonder, it's insanely difficult to leave. So, there's a good chance you might think about buying some island land or property so you can enjoy paradise every day. However, overseas property laws can be a tricky thing to decipher but luckily you don't have to because we've done it for you.

Read on to find out everything there is to know about buying land and real estate in Siargao.

Siargao Lot for Sale

In Siargao and the rest of the Philippines, foreigners can't technically buy and own land. However, you can lease a plot of land from a local landowner for up to 50 years with the option to extend when the time is up. Once leased, you can then build and own a house or business on the lot.

Where to Buy

Here are some of the best locations to pick up a prime bit of land:

  • General Luna: The beating heart of Siargao is jam-packed with plenty of beaches, shops, markets, nightlife, and restaurants. Essentially, everything you could want or need. From stunning beaches and world-class surfing to daily action and amenities, making it a great yet in-demand place to get some land.
  • San Isidro: Located on the northeast of the island, San Isidro is the opposite of General Luna. This peaceful, laid-back, nature-lovers dream is checkered with fields of coconut trees, loads of scenic landscapes, and the famous Pacifico beach.
  • Dapa: The capital town of Siargao is a little more tame than General Luna but still has all the urban necessities to make island life easy.
  • Malinao: Much like San Isidro, this location is for those seeking more relaxing and tranquil surroundings. However, it's super close to General Luna so you can pop over, grab what you need, and return to serene bliss.
Cheap Lot for Sale

Not all lots are created equal and how much you pay for your little patch of heaven will depend on numerous things.

Here are some pointers for finding a cheap lot in Siargao:

  • Inland areas are far more inexpensive than those on the coast for obvious reasons.
  • The northern half of the island is cheaper compared to the southern half as it's further away from the major tourist spots.
  • Negotiation is key because everything on Siargao is up for discussion when it comes to price including land.
  • Look for small lots for sale as you're paying for size as well as location.
Siargao Beach Lot for Sale

The beaches in Siargao are some of the finest and most pristine in the entire world. So, if you want that special piece of beachfront land with spectacular views, it's going to cost a fair bit more. That being said, with views like this, it's worth every peso!

Where to Buy Beach Lots

Here are some of the best locations to get some beachfront land with truly breathtaking vistas:

  • Burgos: Extending almost to the very northern tip of the island, Burgos is a hidden gem. With amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, charming landscapes, and isolated beaches, it's the ideal spot to find your beachfront heaven.
  • Pacifico: If you want stunning beaches without the crowds and plenty of nature then this is the oceanfront location for you.
  • Union: This tiny, unspoiled coastal town is sandwiched between the capital Dapa, and picturesque Malinao. It's often overlooked but its beaches are jaw-dropping and given its lesser-known nature, prices are better than surrounding beach areas.
  • General Luna: The tourist scene and party atmosphere can sometimes cloud the fact that General Luna has plenty of beautiful beaches as well.
Cheap Beach Lot

Beach lots will set you back more than other lots on the island as oceanfront views on tropical paradises don't come cheap. However, there are a few hacks for getting a cheap bit of beachfront real estate.

  • Purchasing during the off-season can shave a few pesos off the price as the demand is much lower. Also, if you utilize your negotiating skills you can reduce the price even further.
  • Look for beachfront land in less developed areas, such as Burgos. The beaches are just as amazing but demand and pricing are lower.
  • Once again, the northern beaches will be substantially cheaper than coastal lots down south.
  • Small beach lots will be cheaper than large ones because the price isn't only about the view.
Siargao Property for Sale & Siargao House for Sale

While foreigners can't own land outright in Siargao, the good news is that you can definitely own property. Regardless of what kind of property you're after house, shop, villa, or shack, you can own it.

Where to Buy

Here are the best locations to buy your dream property in Siargao:

  • Santa Monica: Stretching from the northwest to the very tip of Siargao, Santa Monica offers tonnes of stunning beaches and unique nature. For those wanting a relaxed vibe and authentic island lifestyle minus the tourists, this is it and as a bonus, it's relatively cheap.
  • General Luna: This destination keeps coming up because it's genuinely the island's thriving center of fun and sun. But you will have to pay a premium to live in Siargao's most popular area.
  • Burgos: Like Santa Monica, Burgos is another northern province and that means fewer crowds, and less money without sacrificing an ounce of island beauty.
  • Malinao: It's right next door to General Luna but it sure doesn't feel that way. Malinao is pure peace and quiet with miles of magnificent beaches to gaze at from your new island estate.
How to Find Your Perfect Island Home

Whether you're looking for a cheap property, a small property, a house, a villa, or a shack, there are plenty of resources out there to help you find it. Both online and on-island there are plenty of properties on the market. However, it's always best when making an investment of this size to do it face-to-face with some expert assistance.

Here are some agencies to help sort out your dream home on this dream island:

  • Siargao Properties
    San Isidro, Surigao del Norte, Philippines
  • Northwave Asia Siargao Properties
    General Luna, Surigao del Norte, Philippines
  • Yippee Siargao Real Estate Inc.
    Tourism Rd, General Luna, 8419 Surigao del Norte, Philippines
  • Siargao Island Properties
    General Luna, Surigao del Norte, Philippines
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