Siargao Tour Package & Island Hopping Tour

Siargao isn't just a magical tropical island encircled by striking beaches custom-built for relaxation by Mother Nature herself. It also has tonnes of amazing sights and adrenaline-fueled activities to indulge in while you soak up the sun and picturesque scenery. That means there is no shortage of awesome tour packages you can take advantage of and maximize your fun.

This article will discuss your tour options and give you the inside scoop for booking the ultimate tour packages for your Siargao getaway.

Siargao Tour Package

On an island as amazing as Siargao, it can be difficult to squeeze in all the things you want to see and do into one trip. But with a Siargao package tour, you can outsource the hassle and ensure you don't miss a thing.

Here are a few of the different Siargao tour packages you can go on so you can cruise to the best spots without having to do the legwork:

  • Surfing Tour Packages.
  • Island Hopping Tour Packages.
  • Siargao Land Tour Packages.
  • Siargao Adventure Packages.
  • Siargao Tour Package with Airfare.
  • Lagoon Tour Packages.
  • Beach Tour Packages.
  • And Much More!
Siargao Island Tour

Siargao is a tear-shaped island in the southeast of the Philippines archipelago but in the crystal blue waters around it are many smaller breathtaking islands. Each of these islands is more beautiful and unique than the last and is sure to leave a lasting impression that you won't soon forget. For sure, booking an island-hopping tour and paying a visit to these truly stunning islands is at the top of every traveler's list.

Here are some of the best Siargao island hopping tours:

  • Tri-Island Hopping Tour Package: This tour will take you to three of the most famous Siargao islands Naked, Daku, and Guyam.
  • 3 Island Hopping + Mam On Island Tour Package: On this tour, you will get to hit the three famous islands above plus the beautiful Mam On island.
  • 3 Island Hopping + Corregidor Island Tour Package: This tour also stops at the three most famous islands with a bonus stop on the magnificent Corregidor Island.
  • San Benito 4 Island Hopping Tour Package: This tour will bring you to the 4 finest beaches off the coast of San Benito province. The islands are Kangkangon, Kampayas, Pagbasayan, and Dahican.
  • Ultimate 5 Island Hopping Tour Package: Ultimate is the right word because on this tour you will get to see 5 spectacular islands in one day. Naked, Corregidor, Mam On, Suyangan, and La Januza Island are all included in this fantastic package.

What's more, all of these island-jumping packages are one-day affairs so you will still have plenty of time to enjoy the other sights on Siargao. Also, the bigger the crew, the cheaper it is per person so bring your friends or family and save some money!

Siargao Land Tours

You don't have to jump on a boat and hit the water to see some truly special sites whilst visiting Siargao. The lush and diverse inland of the island holds just as many treasures as the turquoise ocean that surrounds it.

Here's a guide for your Siargao Land Tour Itinerary:

  1. Magpupungko Rock Pools or Cloud 9 will be first depending on the tides at that time of year.
  2. Coconut Mountain View.
  3. Maasin Coconut Road.
  4. Maasin River.
  5. Paghungawan Marsh.
  6. OPTIONAL Tayangban Cave.

Once again, the land tour is a one-day trip, that covers all your transport between spots, and the more people you bring, the less you pay! However, lunch is on you so you can either bring it with you or buy some delicious local cuisine during your inland expedition.

Siargao Tour Package 4 Days 3 Nights

For those planning a 4-day Siargao journey, here's a breakdown of a solid itinerary:

Day 1

Touch down on Siargao, drop your bags off at the hotel, and shake off the jetlag. Most likely, you will be staying in or near the main tourist hub General Luna. Once you're ready, head out and explore the local surroundings, and if you're game enough try your hand at surfing the legendary waves at Cloud 9. After that, immerse yourself in the island vibes and find a nice spot to enjoy a tasty Siargao dinner with drinks as the sun sets.

Day 2

Seriously, the island-hopping tours are a must-do, and day 2 is as good a time as any. Simply, pick the tour that suits you best, jump on the boat, and prepare to be amazed. If Daku Island is one of your stops then buy some fresh seafood at the docks before you go and the islanders will BBQ it for you!

Day 3

Yet another not-to-be-missed experience is the Siargao Land Tour. That's because there is no better way to see so much of what the island has to offer in a single day. You will get to see all of the most iconic destinations so soak it up and don't forget to bring your camera!

Day 4

After 3 days of hardcore fun and location after location of remarkable sights, you may need to pump the brakes a little. Day 4 is the perfect opportunity to hit the General Luna Public Markets, do some shopping, and test your haggling skills! If there's time you could surf again, relax at the beach, or just enjoy a few last drinks in paradise.

Siargao Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights

If your Siargao adventure is only 3 days long then you will be faced with an agonizing task of trying to decide what you want to see most. The island-hopping tour and land tour will cover most of the island's main attractions so, if possible, you should squeeze them in. Whether you choose to hit the ground running and do one of them on day one. Alternatively, if you're flying out late on day 3, you might be able to relax, eat, and surf on day one and still fit in both tours.

The ideal 3-day itinerary would be a carbon copy of the first three days of the 4-day itinerary. However, if your flight leaves early on your final day then you will have to choose between the two tours which is a tough call. So, if that's the case, choose wisely!

Siargao Travel Agency

It's the 21st century so a majority of the tours can be booked in advance online but this may cost more than sorting it on the island. What's more, there are hordes of locals in General Luna running tours that you can simply walk up to and negotiate a price for a day of excitement and stunning visuals. However, if booking online or haggling with the locals isn't for you, here are a few of the best on-island travel agencies:

  • My Siargao Guide
    Siargao, Tourism Rd, General Luna, Surigao del Norte, Philippines
    +63 960 221 5919
  • Colz Travel & Tours
    Barangay, Jacking horse Homestay, Tourism Rd, General Luna, 8419 Surigao del Norte, Philippines
    +63 939 839 9386
  • MC Travel and Tour Siargao
    Brgy, Tourism Rd, General Luna, Surigao del Norte, Philippines
    +63 921 734 0390
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